And the winner is… #6SecFilms

Six weeks ago The Tribeca Film Festival challenged budding film makers to push Twitter’s Vine app to the limit and create a six-second looping film. Tips to budding Vine makers included telling a story with a beginning, middle, and end whilst embracing Vine’s features such as looping and time manipulation.

The judges chose their favourites from over 400 entries and announced the winners in each category for the first ever ‘mini festival just for Vines’.

Take a peek at the winning entries:

Category: Genre – “This is the category for all the sci-fi Vines, western Vines, LOLcat Vines, and comedy Vines.”

Matt Swinsky. #LazerAndDonald close shave. Retrieved from

Category: Auteur – “These Vines told a story or script that was truly unique. A tiny, concentrated expression of the filmmaker’s vision.”
Kevy Pizza. There is no sunny side to this story. Retrieved from

Category: Animate – “This category was for filmmakers that saw Vine as the perfect medium for some creative animation and don’t want to deal with the live-action riffraff.”

Jethro Ames. #howto clear your garage from a scary ghost. Retrieved from

Category: Series – “For those who had a story too big for just one Vine, we let them make it a trilogy.” Chris Donlon. The book Beatle: the burrowing. Retrieved from

Chris Donlon. The book Beatle: the infestation. Retrieved from

Chris Donlon. The book Beatle: the sapling. Retrieved from

You can also check out more #6SecFilms online.

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