For those of you who don’t care for American Football you would be forgiven for thinking “what is all of the fuss about?”.  Simple answer – Social TV and advertising, it is certainly worth taking note!  Real-time conversations are shaping brands all of the time in social, some brands are trying to shape and provoke these conversations themselves, with mixed results…

Whilst I am sure there are plenty of brands who managed to join the Superbowl conversation, it was the big spenders who generated the most noise in social media. Over 6 million tweets during the Superbowl extravaganza were about the ads!

So without further ado, here 7 super social Tv stats from the Superbowl accompanied by a fantastic infographic…

There were 20,399,004 tweets about the Super Bowl game and over 6 million about the ads!

For every 7 tweets about the Super Bowl game there were 2 about the ads!

GoDaddy received 290,000 Tweets during the Super Bowl but only 14% was of positive sentiment

GoDaddy made the most noise but Taco Bell had the best positive brand impact  with 129,600 positive tweets!

Taco Bell’s superior volumes of positive sentiment resulted in the most new fans from the Super Bowl

80% of Audi’s tweets linked to the Super Bowl were positive

Coca Cola, Audi and Budweiser generated at least 5000 new followers through Superbowl activity

Infographic curteousy of Mashable  and created by WhisprGroup 

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