A model for social business monitoring

Social media knows no boundaries. Understanding what customers are saying in the social web has value for multiple parts of a business – not just marketing.

Breaking down internal silos and sharing social insight is still a challenge for many. A recent piece of research from Dell/Forrester Consulting showed that very few customer services, sales or HR teams are creating strategies based on information from social media monitoring.

So how should an organisation manage the flow of social media insight? We think it is essential that you:

  • Capture – you need a paid for tool to do this. Free systems don’t give you the same power to store and analyse
  • Filter – have the right filters in place to breakdown and categorise the conversation – this will give you bite-sized chunks of data
  • Prioritise – based on time-sensitivity –  some comments need a real-time response, others can wait a few hours or days. A large proportion of the conversation might not need engagement but will be able to help identify trends in the longer term
  • Act – identify a point person in each function/discipline who shares the relevant insights with their team

This can be summed up in this workflow:

Let us know what you think.

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