Live Brand Social: A relationship for the long-term

By if-admin | May 17, 2013

In the last Live Brand Social post we touched on how, together, live experiences and social create a 48% more successful event. Being active on social before, during and after a live event gives you the greatest opportunity to extend the relationship: 

In our report, 61% of participants find out about a live experience from a friend but over half (56%) find out through social media. In fact, 43% find out through Facebook, 22% see a tweet and 19% see it in their Newsfeed. It is clear that Facebook is the most influential in motivating attendance at live experiences. Even more significant is that live experiences give you the chance to meet your fans face to face. 1 in 5 still find out about an event before it takes place, through the brand’s own social media pages. A fantastic opportunity to build stronger relationships with fans and turn enthusiasts into advocates.

Social media extends opportunities to develop a lasting relationship with customers after the event too. 49% of all respondents said they felt more positive about brands when they took part in live experiences with social. And 37% follow or like a brand profile on social media.

And your audiences are not just interested in joining you or feeling good about your brand: one in six will tell more than fifteen people on social media about their live experience. That is a lot of conversation about your experiential marketing!

By understanding how experiential marketing fits in with the ongoing social relationships between brands and customers, companies can capitalise on mixing the two activities. And, dare we say it, ensure that the investment is greater than the sum of its parts!

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