B2B Marketing AwardsSocial Media has become an increasingly important part of a B2B strategy, although many businesses are still finding it difficult to grasp a hold of the power in social media. Pioneering campaigns have shown that the medium plays an essential  part of many organisations that want to engage with other businesses and industry influencers.

With nine years of experience in social media marketing, B2B is one of the areas immediate future is most passionate about. One such example of this is our work with IBM Tealeaf – a leading provider of digital customer experience management and customer behaviour analysis solutions which  provides qualitative analytics software that helps organisations deliver an optimal digital experience to their customers via the Web and mobile devices.

Our work with IBM Tealeaf has been an exercise in lead generation. It has garned some amazing results and outstanding engagement, which is why the team at immediate future is extremely thrilled to see their hard work and team effort be recognised. The  Tealeaf campaign has been shortlisted for an award in best B2B lead generation campaign by B2B Marketing!

These are exciting times for the agency and a testament to the power of Social Media in the B2B landscape, proving that  companies in fact have a lot to gain by leveraging social media and online activities to connect to their audience.

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