Video is playing an ever important role in marketing and challenging brands to be responsive to the fast-changing environment. While businesses start to realise the importance of social video, making matters complicated for video marketers is that different social media platforms have unique features, requirements and metrics.

This also brings the challenge of measuring the success of your video. For example some platforms will count a video view as three seconds, others count a view as soon as the video stats playing. Some platforms auto-play videos, yet others don’t.

So if you’re tired of tracking down video specs and metrics for each social media channel, then you’ll love our helpful infographic below



2 thoughts on “A useful guide to social media video specs and metrics

  1. These metrics are becoming increasingly important today – they can tell you how quickly you need to have established your full message. You often find that the highest performing content makes its case within the first 10 seconds or so (depending on the platform), so these initial moments are crucial. Making separate cuts of a piece of content is a great idea to ensure you are targeting each platform in the ways it is supposed to be engaged and getting the most out of every post.

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