Aaaargghhh AI art!

It feels like AI art has suddenly exploded on to the scene, leaving a lot of us feeling a little uneasy about what that means for creatives.

If you’re unfamiliar, AI art is just that – “art” created by artificial intelligence. In a very basic way (because I am no scientist) the generator scans the internet for references and creates art based on whatever information you’ve inputted.

For example, here I’ve asked the generator to create an image of a Victorian magician with lots of flowers and glitter in the style of Studio Ghibli and this was the result;

Not too shabby, ey?

Whilst very impressive and producing quite sophisticated work, it does bring up a *slight* dilemma.  What does this mean for creatives? Does it cheapen art? People already look at the creative industry as something “I can do in my sleep”, does this mean demand for creatives will be replaced by a bot?

As an artist/creative who works in social media and is all about new and exciting ways to create, I actually think this could be of some benefit to us.  More specifically if you have an idea in mind and don’t have a lot of time to mock something up, you could use these generators to illustrate your idea to a client, or even put down something visually so you have a point of reference, saving a lot of time and helping with getting started on an idea that you may not be able to put down exactly what you have in mind.

Quite recently I came across a program called EbSynth in which you can upload a video, chose your visual reference and export the clip to make it look like moving art.

All in all, I really believe it depends on how you use these tools and what your intention is.

Ultimately, AI art cannot be produced without human created art.

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