Adobe Auto Reframe – a designers dream

Designers. Don’t you just hate it when you create an awesome asset to go out on social, but then you have that tedious job of having to resize it for all platforms – whilst still looking amazing!?

Well, what if I told you, you may not have to worry about that for much longer…

This week we saw the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) take place in Amsterdam, where companies divulged information on features that are in the pipeline, getting everyone excited!

One of these exciting features was Adobe’s Auto-Reframe.

Using its own AI platform, Sensei, Adobe has created a feature specific to Premiere Pro that auto-reframes videos for different social platforms, so you no longer have to. According to The Verge, ‘Auto Reframe can automatically identify the main action happening in the video and crop and pan the frame around that footage to fit within ratios’.  Meaning you can create a video to go out on YouTube, as well as one to go on your Instagram feed AND your Instagram Stories without having to resize! Can I get a hallelujah

To use the feature, designers will have to apply the effect to selected videos and choose between 3 motion controls for the algorithm to work; Slow Motion, Default or Faster Motion. And then voila! Of course, once produced, you can still manually adjust the framing if it’s not the right fit, but how much easier is that!?

No specific dates have been announced just yet, all we know is the feature will arrive on the program later on this year. But we cannot wait to start experimenting!


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