AI for social media support – where’s the line?

“It’s a co-pilot, not a servant” – we heard this great soundbite recently about AI – we couldn’t agree more. It’s easy to look at AI as a task-doer, something to take the pain out of the strain, but in truth it should be used alongside your planning.

The CMI recently shared stats from a survey it took of 894 B2B marketers – they discovered that a lack of resources to administer AI tasks properly is a top challenge – alongside lack of business guidance on its use and the consistent creation of high quality content. Within this survey, it showed that 72% of the B2B markets use generative AI in some form. That’s a big chunk!

But aren’t we forgetting someone…

With deepfakes, text copy and even art able to be formed through AI – the question is not about how much help this incredible AI tech is giving us, but how much vindication does it give the user? We know AI is here – already – it’s not a question of when and it’s not worth posturing as to whether it will fade away.

For individual marketers, there is lots to be gained from AI – but there are some things to be lost. That burst of dopamine from a highly praised piece of work – seeing a visual asset formed on social and getting lots of traction. If we take away the human capability of creation, don’t we defer their own self-purpose? It may even challenge the very reason they ventured into an industry that requires strategic and creative output on a daily basis.

For business owners and marketing heads, AI may help to streamline costs and make things work faster. That’s the story of success for all technology in almost every sector over the last 100 years – social media and marketing generally may well benefit but there is also danger in being overly reliant on AI.

Balance is key – where’s the sweet spot?

Besides the obvious moral issue of using generative AI for content – which does raise intellectual property concerns alongside negating the whole point of creative minds – where does AI become a very useful companion?

Putting words down on paper always helps us to get things out of our scrambled brain and into some form of method – AI can undoubtedly help turn ideas into methodology, steps into an accordant order, and relaxed tone into charismatic and impactful responses.

Does the buck stop there? Should the purpose of AI be to help make our thoughts into something tangible and nothing more? Or should we lean on its ability to turn bland into brilliant and tepid into terrific.

We’ve written lots about AI recently – read our range of blogs here to see if you agree or disagree with our views!

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