All your big screen streaming could be provided by Facebooks new venture!

It’s no secret that the streaming sector has become the go-to medium for consumption of media. Although short-form has social media as the perfect tool, research has concluded that long-form video is still championed by the living room television. Although consumers may start their long-form media on a handheld device, the majority of us will finish or transfer that media to a bigger screen, for either communal entertainment or for better viewing.

This key piece of information spiked the ears of Facebook, which pushed them into creating a device which connects your long-form video to the TV with ease. Facebook hasn’t had the smoothest sailing with their hardware releases. The most recent gadget, portal, didn’t shock the market as anticipated, but with that came valuable learnings and data which they are using a platform to launch their latest hardware. The social networks link to all the major media providers will be the driving feature for users.

The way the site already boasts video sharing capabilities appears to appeal to those who interact with their social groups on a regular basis. As well as this, with Facebook providing a verified login process for most large sites/apps, the convergence between platforms could be more seamless than most rival hardware models out there. Beyond the digital sharing, the capability to turn our Facebook posts and browsing into communal TV viewing will no doubt spark another conversation around how we utilise social media in the future. The patent of direct connection of account to TV has been held by Facebook since 2016, we believe they are ready to capitalise on their long-awaited venture soon. As always our experts plan to keep you informed on any progressions.

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