Over the last week you will have noticed that the hacker Collective Anonymous have been at war with ISIS online.

from shutting down websites, hijacking social accounts and identifying users they have been very active. Their most recent tactic has been to rickroll ISIS hashtags.

If you are from pre-1999 and don’t know what Rickrolling is it’s simple; you are supplied a link you think will take you to one location but instead it takes you to a fun video of Rick Astley’s classic 1987 song Never Gonna Give You up.

The tactic on twitter and occasionally seen on Facebook shows that Anon are using tracking and measuring tools to target ISIS hashtags, links and key words, much as a government agency would and redirecting that traffic to Mr.Astley.

Where they go next and how ISIS strike back against the online collective is yet to be seen.

For more follow the hashtags #Anonymous #TangoDownISIS #OpParis #rickrollforpeace

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