AppleMusic – A Multichannel Narrative

By if-admin | July 31, 2015


The quality of today’s brand engagement is seeing owned content and publishing flourish at rates and volumes almost unseen before. Out of all the most current HD, Hi-Res, 3V, native-video, animated gif and micro-moment storytelling the most creative, responsive, quality-consistent and to-the-second content is winning. Some of the worlds hottest music, movie and er… Taco brands are doing the most amazing things to engage new and existing millennial and Gen Y audiences. And they are by no means solely investing in single channel stories. I’d love to give an industry overview but this is just a blog post not a white paper so I’m going to look at AppleMusic for how they grow brand persona and narrative across a variety of current channels. With the might of Itunes, Apple and now Beats by Dre and recruiting some of the worlds hottest DJs to deliver the show they are easily one of the leading and current media companies in the world and this shines bright in now where other than there social media profiles.

In the AppleMusic App and ‘On the channel’ 

News feed / custom content ‘seconds-old’ releases and exclusive music, access, interviews, radio shows and podcasts.

IMG_2641 IMG_2642 IMG_2643


Behind the scenes 3V updates across global locations, DJs and artist exclusives.



High quality visual updates, videos in the style of cinemagrams and cross channel promo videos. Interaction with DJs, artists and brand ambassadors.


Updates of new playlists, music, shows, animated gifs and videos and new releases.

Fast updates of new releases: behind the scenes, on-air announcements and exclusive music news.


More of the same except the content is a little bit longer (is Facebook getting old?)


Not vine (?)

They are not present on vine: OR Pinterest, but really do they need to be? Phew!

So there you have a brief run down of how Applemusic are looping their in-app music experience across all their digital channels and playing their content to each platforms’ strengths.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about how Applemusic or other brands are multi channel storytelling so comment below or hit us up on @iftweeter.

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