Are brands run ragged by real-time social engagement?


Two-thirds of brands manage real-time social engagement in-house, but half have other marketing roles too. Our benchmark report on brands in real-time social media shows that 50% of those at the coal-face of social engagement are also managing other roles in marketing and communications.

So are social media managers run ragged?

Well when it comes to brand opinion on best practice, a dedicated resource is not top of the list. In fact only 3% of those surveyed suggested it was best practice in real-time social engagement.

One in six outsource social profile management to an agency. And a lot more bring in specialist skills for content creation, extra peak support and campaign activity.

There are some pressure points though…

The survey reveals that

  • 45% struggle to find the skills and resources in social
  • 62% find managing out of hours’ engagement an issue
  • 38% say it is a challenge to personalise content and 38% struggle to create content on the fly

Of course every company will have different requirements, but resource is a key issue: both in finding the right people and ensuring the best skills and capabilities. After all, real-time social engagement is demanding. To do it well and maximise the opportunity you need the social media talent!

You can read the full report at

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