Are Facebook’s playable ads a winner?

Earlier this month, Facebook acknowledged the growing number of game developers who advertise and make money on the platform. The platform rolled out a couple new additions to its offering for game advertisers and, most notably, playable ads.

It’s a genius solution for social media gamers to try before they buy, staying within the app, no download necessary.

The benefit for advertisers is that they can leverage these engagements with the ad to target people who are likely to have a higher intent to purchase. Advertisers can optimise for both payers and retention.

Facebook has even listed their partners with whom advertisers can work with to create these playable ads.

If you’re interested in the techy side of it, Facebook lets you in on all the details. As the user scrolls, a video is played in the Newsfeed with a game controller icon. If the user taps the video, the interactive demo comes into play. Once the demo is complete, the call-to-action drives users to install the app.

Want a best practice guide for the new format? That’s all covered too! If done correctly, it can help you inform people how to play your game, cater to new and existing players and showcase the gaming experience.

With the introduction of augmented reality ads last month, interactive ads are becoming more common. We’re looking forward to seeing the next step that the platform takes in this direction.

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