Are social logins the real power behind paid social?



It’s more or less been accepted that with targeted advertising online, be that AdWords or social, the main drivers of the targeting algorithms lay in your browser dropping cookies and particularly in social, your likes, shares and other forms of engagement. However is the rise of social logins to various sites and gated pages the key to consumers opening up their Pandora’s box of personal information to advertisers, without really giving it a second thought?

With Q2 2014 stats from Janrain stating that 90% of consumers have encountered social login before, and of those over half have opted to use it, it seems it could be a goldmine for more efficient targeting.

Social login enables brands to access accurate customer profile data while making it appear a purely altruistic nod in aiding the efficiency of their customer’s internet usage, speeding the a data entry process to a single click rather than neverending form fields. But are customers unwittingly giving away access to rich personal data without even realising they’ve opened the floodgates to a plethora of brands, all in a bid to satisfy their intrinsic impatience, rife in today’s digital culture?

The crux in the system for depending on social logins for data lies in which channel is used for login and how populous the profile of the said user is. Fortunately, Facebook is ranked as the most popular login method, and tends to be the most populous channel in terms of personal data.

As can be seen, social login can really be the data boost needed for brands across the board, and with sites looking to develop e-commerce based logins such as Amazon login in Q3-4 2014, could we see the potential data access expand to much more than Name’s, Birthdays and how many Jägerbombs said person had on Saturday night, to their complex online shopping habits?

Let us know what you think.

Images credits: Janrain

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