Are travel brands missing out on Snapchat?



Is it because the vast majority of Snapchatters are between 18 and 24? Is it because their content creation processes often require going through a lengthy approval path? Or maybe it’s the lack of analytics on the platform and tools to measure a campaign’s ROI? Whatever their reasons, most travel brands are behind the general trends when it comes to using Snapchat.

However, with 150 million active users worldwide and 10 billion videos watched daily on the app, maybe they should reconsider.

As it becomes increasingly popular, the platform is bound to attract an older (and therefore a more financially independent) audience. 25-34 year olds (the most popular age bracket in terms of traveling and the second for spending in the UK) already represent 37.8% of the network’s active users.

Snapchat is a perfect way for a travel brand to immerse their audience into living an experience. How about reconverting your Instagram content to create a larger story and posting it on Snapchat? Or organising a Snapchat takeover to tell a story and share the idyllic moment on Instagram?

It’s also amazing when it comes to promoting flash or last minute offers. It’s also an extremely forgiving platform. Any mistake in the content will disappear forever after 24 hours to never be seen again. It is an amazing opportunity to experiment! Isn’t that a creative’s dream come true?

The travel industry was (surprisingly) the second slowest industry to adopt Instagram after financial services. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that they are now dragging their feet when it comes to using Snapchat. Facebook posts may have been the best (and the first) step to market your travel company, but the world is moving on! It’s time for travel brands to embrace new platforms, and Snapchat should definitely be a consideration.

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