Are you always sending DMs? Test out Twitter’s new feature.

By if-admin | June 4, 2019

Week in week out, all the major platforms are constantly tweaking, updating and testing in a bid to increase engagement and make users more active. These updates aren’t always ground-breaking, but they’re slowly implemented to improve usage based on how users interact, and ultimately to make the experience more streamlined.

As of yesterday, Twitter is trialling two new features; one designed to help users share tweets with close friends, and the other, a new format for ‘follow’ notifications which makes it easier to see more information about new followers and the ability to immediately follow back.

The first update would see users being prompted to share links via direct messaging to the people they regularly tweet, message and interact with. Something which has proved popular on Instagram, as the trend of more private, specific conversations away from the ‘public square’ increases. Another example of this being Facebook’s emphasis on groups, lists and updates to messenger. With Zuckerberg himself talking of more intimate communication being the future of Facebook – ‘private messaging, ephemeral stories, and small groups are by far the fastest growing areas of online communication’.

Whether we like it or not, this is the way that all social media platforms seem to be heading. Although this is potentially an easy transition for everyday users, what does this mean for brands? Asides from looking for that big splash on your news feed, getting involved in the conversation within brand communities would likely become a necessity if direct, intimate conversation continues to rise.

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