Are you getting high off social?

For many social media users, the answer is a very probable yes! Picture this scenario, you’re out with friends, catching up on the latest juicy gossip – no matter how riveting the conversation may be, hands up how many of you will check your mobile at least once, to get your social media fix?

Many of us do, and as a result, more and more intriguing developments in brain research are surfacing, revealing fascinating insights into the chemical reactions happening in our brains as a result of social media use.

Evidence has shown that the brain is unable to differentiate between real-life interactions and online interactions. Notifications from our favourite social platforms act as reward cues, whilst tweeting, liking, commenting releases oxytocin (not to be mistaken with the painkiller oxycontin, popular amongst celebs) a hormone also released when hugging and talking to loved ones. Studies have uncovered that tweeting for 10 minutes per day can boost oxytocin levels in the blood by 13%, giving you that warm cuddly feeling!

For all those science geeks that want to know more, check out this fascinating infographic on the chemical effect social media has on our brains:

Your Brain on Social
Infographic created by, and shared by Social Media Today.

©  “Meeting of the minds” photo by Krissy Venosdale. Attribution 2.0 Generic

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