Are you giving away entire reports or white papers behind a ‘gate’? If so, here’s why your B2B marketing is failing!

Huh, I hear many of you say. But, it’s true.

Having spent months creating a meaningful report or white paper flush with extensive insight and valuable intellectual property, it’s a given that you’re going to place it behind a gate to gather critical data on potential customers. After all, its a proven and potent tactic within B2B marketing. So why am I saying your marketing is failing?

Well, you’re giving away the crown jewels in one go. You’re not nudge-nurturing!

When was the last time you bought a product or service based upon a single cold call?

Reports and White Papers are valuable assets which garner audience attention. They help to showcase your companies and its employees’ smarts. They will evidence to the wider world that you know what you’re doing and that you can help potential customers. They absolutely will contribute to your funnel – if they’re used correctly!

The White Paper or Report is the window through which your potential customers will look. Rather than give the entire report away in one go, and limiting the window-shopping time, you should eke out the insight across a sequence of content or experiences. This is what we call Nudge Nurturing.

For a moment, put yourself in the seat of the potential customer. You’re hooked by some clever content calling out key impactful headlines that resonate with you. Your curiosity explores the landing page and your intrigue grows having consumed the concise and impactful content above-the-fold. You’re going to download the full report. You’re happy to give up some data as the value-exchange benefits you.

Now imagine reading the report and realising that you’ve been bowled over with its insight and IP, but only 80% of the good stuff has been shared. The remainder will be shared via a webinar next week. You’d sign up right?!

And that’s the point. Too many businesses give away entire reports. They evidence their smarts, but they give everything away in a single click. Why would the audience (having read your report and heard all the juicy stuff) why would they join a webinar to hear a repeat of what’s been read? Why would they join a Speakeasy of Breakfast Briefing, or a Roundtable to just hear the same messages?

Having spent months doing the hard work and building the report or white paper, don’t shortcut the publishing and sharing of content. You need to Nudge and Nurture your audience.

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