Are you maximising the effectiveness of LinkedIn Groups to generate leads?

With over 2 million of them on LinkedIn, Groups are a core part of the platform. Whether it’s to enhance your credibility or to generate leads, we take a look at the important role that Groups can play in your marketing activity.

With over 8,000 Groups created every week, there are plenty of options to choose from. Alumni groups, company groups, industry groups – you name it, there is probably a group for it. And there’s plenty going on, with 200 conversations taking place every minute in Groups.

We have found LinkedIn Groups in particular to be very effective to generate leads on social media, from promoting specific content to starting discussions. We also manage a non-branded group for one of our clients, where users debate around a particular topic and share non-branded content. This in particular has proven to be a very effective source of lead generation, with hundreds of quality leads over the last year.

If you are looking to take part in LinkedIn Groups, you need to get joining. Here are our top 5 factors on what constitutes a good Group:

  1. High membership: 1,000+
  2. Low spam rate: sample discussions
  3. High growth: 0.2-0.5% per week
  4. Activity: between 21-28 discussions per week
  5. Demographics: industry, location and seniority

Groups have many benefits: increasing your visibility (people who post regularly in Groups receive 4x more profile views than those that do not), giving you valuable opinions from others on industry topics and issues, and they offer a platform for you to promote your content and generate leads.

To make the most of LinkedIn Groups, follow our top tips below:

  • Do participate in discussions. Share your views, comments and ‘Like’ content that resonates with you
  • Do share links to yours and others’ content that is useful
  • Do start your own discussions. Your network of peers can be a useful resource of information and solutions!
  • Do try and use shortened links when sharing your content. Not only can you track them but it also looks a lot neater!

LinkedIn Groups - Your Secret Weapon For Sales Success Infographic

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