Are you ready for Easter?

This year Easter falls between the 15th and 18th April, but Easter eggs have been piling up at local supermarkets for weeks now. Giving us plenty of time to stock up on our favourite Easter treats, or even try something new! But there’s more to Easter than eating our bodyweight in chocolate. As part of our celebrations, we’ve collated some of the Easter holidays data regarding how Brits are planning to spend this 4-day weekend. 

Let’s jump straight to it!

How do UK adult consumers plan to celebrate the holiday?

Found using Brandwatch, the most discussed Easter activities are:

  • Easter Egg Hunting 78%
  • Having an Easter Brunch 10%
  • Decorating 7%

Whereas, 2% of discussions are around picnics and only 1% discuss going to church.

How much will people in the UK spend on Easter?

According to Finder, Easter spending is projected to reach £892 million in 2022. This is +10% (£82 million) more than in 2021 and almost £200 million less than in 2019. The average Brit will spend £25 on Easter this year, which is a -10% (£3) decrease on 2020’s figure and an -18% (£5) decrease on 2019’s figure. 62% of Brits are planning to spend money this Easter weekend, down from 69% in 2019, before COVID-19 lockdown restrictions were imposed.

What is the most sold chocolate during the Easter holidays?

Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter data if we didn’t take a look at chocolate and the top-sellers themselves! Drum roll please…

In the first place we have:Cadbury Creme Egg

In second place: Cadbury Mini Egg Bag

And the third place goes to Kinder Surprise Large Egg 

Making Cadbury the top-selling brand… but are you surprised?

So, whether you’re planning on spending time with family or friends, eating, drinking, or maybe just taking the time to relax, we hope you enjoy it!

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