Are you reaping the rewards of remarketing on social?


Remarketing can be a powerful tool to engage and retain your audience, but are you thinking enough about it?

Often it’s the best performing campaign line within our social strategies, gaining clicks from users who have already engaged with your brand in some way  – whether this is a video view or a visit to your site – can be more likely to result in your required action. This means the engagement and even ROI can be stronger than by prospecting only to new customers, so you might want to consider increasing your spend on this audience.

But wait! Simply spending more doesn’t mean it’ll work better, you still need to ensure you’re showing relevant content, creating a relationship with the user and keeping an eye on how recent your posts are… including avoiding being known as “that creepy ad that follows me everywhere” by capping your frequency at the right level!

There are many ways to retarget or re-engage with your audience, here’s a few for starters:

Website pixels – pick up users and retarget them on Facebook… did they browse for more than a few minutes indicating a propensity to purchase/take action, but not complete it? Can you segment them into product types or topics? Can you tag them as having entered the site from a specific platform, i.e. YouTube or Twitter? Thinking about these things will increase your content relevancy.

Facebook to Facebook – ensure that those users watching your videos (10 seconds or more), or are reacting to your paid promotions are then shown a follow-up post, perhaps with a countdown to your offer ending.

Customer matching – once you have a large enough data set from your database, this can be used on several social platforms to re-engage with users, remind them of their value to your business and encourage brand advocacy.

There are many more strategies you can employ to maximise the powerful tools for remarketing on social media – you can find out more about them by getting in touch with our expert team.

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