Attention Community Managers!

Facebook have announced the launch of “Page Post Targeting Enhanced” for fan pages, an extension of the language and location targeting instigated in 2009.

This is massive news for marketers and advertisers. Page admins can publish various posts to fans and change the crux of their messages to users based on what criteria they fall into.  The idea is similar to Google+ Circles, which allows users to categorise their followers. However, with Facebook’s enhanced page posting fans can be targeted based on their profile information.

Sounds good right? It is worth noting that whilst the posts would not be seen in the News Feed outside of the target demographic, they would appear on the Timeline for all to see.  This does limit the frequency if you want to avoid having a Timeline that is full of “similar messaging” targeted to different demographics – a confusing (and spammy) experience for those who did not see the original post.

Another consideration is linked to ROE (return on engagement). For brands who are not measuring the effectiveness of their posts, how are they meant to disseminate whether using the new targeted methods are more effective?

As with all new developments on the platform, expect a gradual roll out.  Currently only 1% of pages will see the new additions with further pages coming over the next few weeks.

Watch this space community managers…

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