B2B for social: getting ahead with lead generation

The B2B buyer journey is becoming more complex than ever before. Multiple stakeholders and buyer influencers are at the heart of any purchasing process for businesses – and for B2B social, the breadth of audience that can be influenced is growing.

The challenge for those looking to sell over social media is tracking campaign success. Paid social has proven itself to be highly effective in delivering higher levels of impressions, companies reached and engagements – but getting even more tangible results, such as contact details from leads is now easier than ever.

LinkedIn’s lead generation ads allow for value exchange at the most poignant level.  White papers, infographics, product brochures and exclusive webinars can be shared with lead market targets in exchange for their direct contact information. This helps the sales funnel tremendously – offering a small bridge in the gap between social media and sales.

But why is lead generation so successful?

A Marketing Report from Wpromote states that 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation. What’s more, 62% say it generates them leads which is more than twice the next-highest social platform.

There remains, in some areas, a somewhat cynical feeling towards B2B marketing on social media. With methods of advertising and product promotion accelerating towards social platforms in recent years, it’s a case of moving with the times. LinkedIn provides the idea platform for B2B generation. Targeted ads can find their way to your customers of choice and utilising lead generation allows you to promote your assets on the platform without having to divert traffic to your landing pages (this can be a turn off – especially if the page isn’t optimised).

But wait – don’t neglect other platforms too!

Consider the likes of Twitter and Facebook – while they don’t offer lead generation as a built-in function, consider that more and more businesses are appearing on these platforms for B2B purposes. Targeting as specifically as you can will help you to reach those key touch point numbers that are deemed essential in order to convince companies to go on a journey with you.

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