B2B Video: A Fresh Approach

LinkedIn recently shared a survey revealing that 73% of participants stated video has become more important to their businesses in the last year. The marketing industry is beginning to understand how to produce quality content in terms of budgeting, strategy, and execution, but there are many challenges ahead. In today’s blog, we consider some simple solutions.

Social media dominates

The desire for additional funding among content marketers goes beyond simply enhancing quality. They list more important issues like improved distribution, additional skilled personnel, and increased training in best practices. More than 75% of respondents utilise social media, making it by far the most popular. Social media also dominates by a significant margin when it comes to the forms of content that produce the best results, thus the reliance on social media video marketing is only likely to increase.

Driving measurable results

Long-form videos have the potential to be very effective for demand creation, but shorter videos are preferable for brand recognition campaigns because they increase watch completion rates. According to 52% of responses, the most effective time frame is in the 1-3 minute range, which still appears to be the sweet spot. Most people agreed that videos under three minutes produce the best results.

Only 12% of content marketers claimed that their company makes the most of its existing videos. One of the easiest methods to increase effectiveness is to find new uses for current assets. Determine the tools and technology required to make investment allocation, channel diversity, and content repurposing successful and sustainable.

Do you need guidance in carefully formulating and implementing a better social media video strategy? Contact us to stay ahead of the competition.

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