Back to the Future with LinkedIn

There’s been a great deal of talk over the past few months of the future strategic moves that LinkedIn might be making. As always, LinkedIn is extremely slow at implementing radical changes.

The result of this perpetual situation is that the social network of the working people has announced one development with little to no radical change (like the new Groups), but also other insightful acquisition such as Glint.

Also, another feature to note is the availability of learning courses also on several different flights (after the acquisition of and the launch of LinkedIn Learning two years ago).

Furthermore, the company launched the brand new Talent Insights, which is the recruitment data platform, due to improve the data availability for us marketeers and finally something truly meaningful from our point of view, is the LinkedIn Flags Updates.

This last move is meant to unlock a boost to Sponsored Content aimed at improving the performance of your return on investment. Obviously being LinkedIn, there is also the different side of the story.

While those tests are created to enhance the quality of the clicks and make their ads work better, they also advise that those very same changes might result in a decrease of click-through rates or an increase in CPC compared to the usual.

Ideally though, we should be able to see improved ROI generally because of a greater share of your paid clicks coming from people who are supposed to be really engaged by your content, products and website and obviously willing to send their contact information.


The big question is: can we really trust this “performance improvement”?

As always, like the slow elephant LinkedIn is, there are no ground-breaking changes.

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