Best 15 marketing, social and digital podcasts recommended by industry leaders


Staying on top of the latest in the fast-changing marketing industry is a challenge. There isn’t much time to stop and read or watch everything you want to. Podcasts offer a superb alternative to getting your social, digital or marketing fix whilst you carry on doing something else. I listen in the car, on the train, when out for a walk.

This Christmas is a great time to subscribe to the best podcasts, ready for the year ahead. I asked industry leaders from PR, marketing, digital and beyond for their favourite podcasts and got an overwhelming response (interesting how the people at the top of their game, are the ones that listen to a number of podcasts, #justsayin’). Enjoy the list below, in no particular order, and maybe sign up to a few for 2018!


PR, social and marketing

Soulful PR podcast

By Janet Murray, a weekly show for entrepreneurs who want to get media coverage in magazines, newspapers, and on radio and TV

Recommended by: Rachel Miller (@AllthingsIC); Lenka Koppova (@lenkakopp)


The csuite podcast

By Russell Goldsmith, it discusses all aspects of Marketing Communications & Public Relations, Employee Engagement, Social Media & Digital Innovation

Recommended by: Katy Howell (@katyhowell)



Sarah Hall and Stephen Waddington on the business and opportunity for marketing, public relations and social media



Megan Murray and Euan Semple discussing the ins and outs of using the social web for business

Recommended by: Simon Rogers (Simon)


The Echo Chamber PR

By Holmes Report, Bringing insight and intelligence from across the global PR industry

Recommended by: Russell Goldsmith (@RussGoldsmith); Stephen Waddington (@wadds ); Gearóid Ged Carroll (@r_c)


Six Pixels of Separation

Mitch Joel unravels the complex world of digital marketing and social media

Recommended by: Graham Forsyth (@GrahamForsyth); Jim Millen (@jim_millen )


For Immediate release (and other podcasts)

Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz address the intersection of the online world with public relations

Recommended by: Katy Howell (@katyhowell)


Tech and digital  

This Week In Google

Leo Laporte, Gina Trapani and Jeff Jarvis discuss and dissect the latest news from Google and related technology companies

Recommended by: Stephen Waddington (@wadds )


Alexa Stop

Jim Bowes and Robert Belgrave discuss how technology is changing our lives

Recommended by: Tom Head (@TomHeadLab); Syd Nadim (@SydNadim)


The Digital Human

Aleks Krotoski explores the digital world

Recommended by: Graham Forsyth (@GrahamForsyth)


Culture, life and entrepreneurship

Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat

By Bruce Daisley, A podcast on happiness and work culture.

Recommended by: Lenka Koppova (@lenkakopp); Russell Goldsmith (@RussGoldsmith); Graham Forsyth (@GrahamForsyth)


Youpreneur FM 

By Chris Ducker: How to Build, Market, Monetize and Grow a Successful Personal Brand Business

Recommended by: Rachel Miller (@AllthingsIC)


Chips With Everything

The Guardian’s technology and digital culture show

Recommended by: Graham Forsyth (@GrahamForsyth)


She Means Business

Carrie Green shares stories of female entrepreneurs from around the world who are following their hearts and building the business of their dreams

Recommended by: Rachel Miller (@AllthingsIC)


Ctrl Alt Delete

Emma Gannon interviews people she admire about the themes such as the internet, social media, feminism, creativity, identity, mental health, life, careers and everything in between

Recommended by: Russell Goldsmith (@RussGoldsmith);


Have fun trying them all out and enjoy listening throughout 2018!

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