Big changes to Snapchat ads

“What’s that?” I hear you cry, “Another Snapchat related blog?” well, you’ve got me there but this time is different, this time is really significant. This time there’s llamas.

Firstly let’s get the latest ad unit news out of the way so I can get to the good bits. In the briefest of briefs Snapchat has created annual plan geofilters, essentially allowing brands in the UK to make use of its filters for an entire year. For example you could, own the space around your place of work, with a geofilter and have the exclusive rights to that area for the entire year. Apparently these annual plans will be cheaper than the £4 per day ones we have all come to know and love.

Renewing annually is certainly better than the previous 30 day limit that is, bafflingly, still stated in the guidelines, whilst also being a huge time saver. The same rules apply, No hashtags, no photos of people, no other social platform logos, no llamas etc can read them here.

Now. The creamy nougat center of the Snapchat blog.

Last week Snapchat announced it will now be selling ads against a TV Ratings style system run by Nielsen.

“What’s the big deal? Where are these llamas?” I hear you weep into your phablet.

Well, Snap Inc. is about to launch it’s IPO (as early as next week) and they want TV advertisers to literally drop their monocles and jump headlong into the 21st century by shovelling some of that TV money towards Snapchat.

It’s not a huge re-think of how ads work on Snapchat but it will pave the way for Snapchat be up to industry standard. Facebook have been using this system for a while and they are Snap Inc.’s biggest competition in the video market.

Using an accredited third party’s digital ratings such as Nielsen’s shows a confidence that Snapchat is at least as effective as Ye Olde Television, or the mighty Facebook.

In the coming rivalry for social video dominancy, the ability for advertisers to justify spend based on third party ratings will be a complete necessity for any platform that wants a piece of the cash pie.

Sadly there are no llamas. I lied.

Alright fine.


Llama gif

to learn more about how TRP ad buying works read this.

And Snapchat Annual Geofilters here

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