Biggest Do’s and Don’ts in the new era of Social Video

This is probably why we love social media marketing so much: everything changes continuously and evolves constantly!


Not too many years ago the idea of watching a show on a mobile device would have horrified most of us… How could a tiny little screen, such as our mobile, allow for a good storytelling. How could it transmit the emotion, and so engage, in the same way as the one of a big telly or cinema?

Well sometimes, less is more. Less surface absolutely equals to more engagement, as you’re literally holding the content in your own hands. What’s more you can produce content and comment other’s.


Ok, ok. No big news. But what if they told you that social networks where slowly turning into proper professional content producers and not just distributors? Exactly!

Youtube, for example, has got almost 50 shows in the pipeline right now. Somebody calls them TV show, as it makes it easy to relate to the outstanding value and quality of a proper production with crew and all that jazz.

IGTV, although still not producing anything directly, might probably steer in that direction soon. The possibility of streaming up to 1 hour of footage is definitely a wake up call for the army of amateur producers and think-small clients.


It’s all shifting! Surely, the majority of the content is still user generated, but the amount and the quality of the latest video productions is quickly moving from “amateur” to “full-on-cast-and-crew”.

And the good thing is: it’s never been cheaper to produce a lot of high quality content as much as today! Even the live streaming that was once TVs only domain, is now accessible to everybody.

Obviously, though, big content creators usually get the better placements. The more and the better content you share, the better off you’re going to be. So this is the biggest catch too…

You have to produce compelling and meaningful stories for your audiences. You have to consider strictly the “landscape/vertical” factor depending of your platform of choice. You need to film and frame accordingly.


What all this means is: don’t just think that a thin shattering work will sort your campaigns out. You have to plan, produce with a proper film crew and distribute sensibly.


The era of crappy video content is done. You’d better prepare to think-big!

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