Botanica Style, Not Just Flowers

Why, When, Where, all at once 

Botanica is the trend of response to a world increasingly shaped by technology, seeking to reconnect individuals with the beauty of the environment. Ok you may have seen this before, in the early 2000’s, but it is now back and it’s here to stay.

The Botanica Style is characterised by an abundance of natural elements like flowers, lives, or grapes combined with elements of design. Regarding social media trends, if Botanica style has gained popularity, it’s because it embraces the beauty and familiarity of nature in various way. It can be very nostalgic, reclaiming a vintage illustration style, or it can be futuristic, proposing alien plants and flowers from the imagination of AI. 

The use of botanical elements in graphic design tends to provide a visually appealing and calming aesthetic. Social media posts and profiles adopting Botanica style might use earthy colour palettes, floral patterns, and plant illustrations to create eye-catching visuals, but at the same time, businesses and influencers may use Botanica style to enhance their branding, especially if their identity aligns with natural or eco-friendly themes. This trend can be leveraged to communicate messages of sustainability and connection with the environment. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, which heavily rely on visual content, often reflect and propagate trends like Botanica.

Botanica style might influence not only the visual elements but also the typography and overall layout choices. Typography in Botanica designs may incorporate handwritten fonts with a botanical touch, adding a personal and organic feel, which combined with the use of unconventional type arrangements and placements contributes to the eclectic nature of the trend.

Flared Fonts – The spice in the garden

A type of fonts largely used in Botanica style, besides handwriting, and now on the rise are Flared Fonts. Imagine your text, but make it fashion, flared fonts add that extra sizzle to your words. Because regular fonts are boring, right? Brands are jumping on this trend because it’s not just about the words; it’s about how they look. From hyping up a product to dropping some wisdom, flared fonts turn your message into an instant eye-catcher. 

Ok, ok, ok, but what is a Flared Font? Flared fonts, also called swash fonts, are special types of fonts that have fancy and exaggerated decorations at the ends of the letter strokes. These decorations are often graceful curves, swirls, or ornate elements that make the letters look more elegant and decorative. Flared fonts make it happen, taking inspiration from the timeless elegance of Art Nouveau and Deco. These fonts, with their sophisticated lines and ornate details, aren’t just characters – they’re a bold declaration, infusing your brand with a touch of glamour. With curves, twists, and just the right amount of pizzazz, they’re not your average font; they’re a statement. They are generally used for formal or stylish occasions, like invitations and certificates, but now they so trendy you can use them everywhere you want the text to have a sophisticated and stylish flair.

I like to move it move it

Lastly, if you want Engagement, animations mimicking the movement of plants and flowers, can be an intuitive and visually appealing way, but a combination of that together with animated typography is the real answer. You know better than me already that static is boring, your words get a whole new life when they move, and when they do, they demand attention. It’s not just about saying things; it’s about making your audience stop mid-scroll. Animated typography is the cool kid on the block, why settle for words when you can have a text party? Get in touch with us to find how we can help you get your social flared.

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