Boundless creativity about to be boxed?

AI is dominating the conversation – the debate rages on; is it a help or hindrance to marketing? If we’re honest with ourselves, it’s a bit of both.

No one can stop the thundering steam train of AI and its influence in so many different facets of our day-to-day world. It seems technology got itself in a big ol’ hurry in the last few years. It never ceases to amaze us what is now possible, but that sensation of ‘amazement’ is starting to be numbed to the fact that we are now learning that the possibilities truly are endless.

The sceptics

It goes without saying that there are reservations about how much work AI is capable of doing for us. Robotics was one thing, in terms of manufacturing, but is AI coming for marketing jobs? It’s unlikely, but that won’t fool some into thinking they can use one person to do the work of four just by putting some clever phrases into an AI search function.

We can’t lean on it for everything. The whole reason marketers are highly valued is reflected in their ability to sell passionately, create instinctively and strategize with emotion in mind. We can unlearn if we lean too heavily on things like ChatGPT – the yielding of inaccurate information aside, we’ve got to look at these items as a leg up, not legs themselves. For things like social, grammar takes a step to the side – we don’t need to be safe or formulaic. We don’t need to be serious or overly conscious. We need to be fun, risky, brave and pushing boundaries. We discussed this in one of our previous blogs here, where we look at importance of humanistic approaches to marketing.

There’s always a glass ceiling for tech, but humans can break through it.

The plus points

The concise delivery of information from AI platforms – often in bullet form – makes it easy for us to digest and take in. Is this the actual unintended silver bullet of AI? Made for humans, by humans. We know what we want – and the developers know how to rope you in. They’re definitely excellent coders and programmers, but perhaps their marketing know-how goes beyond their own expectations. The delivered copy is, more often than not, meant to be easy for anyone to read and understand. Sentence pacing is key and so is proper grammar if you’re looking for a more formal way of writing.

Users have a way of increasing their productivity and are uncovering solutions at a faster rate than ever before. For marketers, there is definite reward when it comes to copy suggestions or helping you to break through that writer’s block.

Let’s not forget; people know people. AI doesn’t – and that’s reflected in the tool.

Thanks to human intelligence, platforms like ChatGPT can teach us in ways we didn’t realise. It’s programmed to give you the information quickly, succinctly and in a manner that is easy to digest. So, while using it to solve all of your problems is not advised…perhaps its ‘unwritten rule’ is actually what we should all be living by after all: give the reader what they want, fast.

Are you unsure about to tackle social copywriting? Contact us today – we can help!

(in case you were thinking it, this blog was not written using ChatGPT….)

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