Brands can become broadcasters

Brand as Broadcasters is the concept all business running brand events need to truly deliver greater cost efficiency and standout innovation

Running brand events comes at great cost. Marketers have to evidence cost efficiencies that yield tangible returns for the business. Formats have to keep being refreshed to stay ‘new’ and relevant to foster repeat footfall. Layouts evolve, utilised content evolves, keynote formats do evolve. However, none of this is truly demonstration innovation in the purest term.

On Friday, my Facebook Live dived into this very topic and we showed you how we cracked all of these challenges and then some. Specifically, we showcased how we transformed a major brand event, attracting C-suite officers from all over the world. And no, dear cynics, this isn’t a grand build only to be told “we created a video that went to millions” and, the truth is, a rake of three-second views were the reality…!

I discussed how we created a news-style live broadcast that was so impactful it delivered the same amount of watched content as it would take CEOs to fly around the world non-stop, 15-times, and do so only watching our content back-to-back.

Every marketer knows how challenging it is to retain viewer attention. How many videos have you created that have been abandoned after only a few seconds? Our aim was to retain attention through interviews lasting 10 – 14-minutes and retain viewership through a 2 and ½ day-long live broadcast.

The results were astonishing. In this video, we discuss where our ‘Brands as Broadcasters’ concept was ideated, how we shaped and delivered a test and prove model and then scaled the following year for greater impact.

We did all of this, delivering jaw-dropping results and true event innovation for less than what some of you are spending on some single stand builds.

Appetite whetted? Then surely, it’s worth investing thirteen minutes of your time to see how we did it and understand the broader business impact achieved.

Watch our video here:

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