Brilliant Brand Campaigns of 2021

By Katy Howell | December 16, 2021

With 2022 just around the corner, who knows what we will see, but before that happens, I thought it was worth remembering those brand campaigns that made us laugh and will still be talking in the new year.

This year business has gone all out with their marketing campaigns. Some definitely made an impact on consumers and others…. Well, we talked about it for days!


Let’s take at our favourite brand campaigns in 2021.


Weetabix: Heinz Beanz on Bix

Ok… Weetabix with beans? Not my thing, but it defiantly got every other brand attention.

Social media sure did have a good time reading the comments, and even the Good Morning Britain hosts tried this combination. #HaveYouHadYourWeetabix


Aldi #FreeCuthbert

Probably not far away from Weetabix is our beloved Colin the Caterpillar, Oops I mean Cuthbert, the caterpillar

On 15th April 2021, M&S announced it was suing Aldi…. A food fight that we couldn’t leave behind!  A war over a Caterpillar cake became marketing gold!

While M&S wanted to win in court, Aldi’s strategy was to win in the public opinion because “This is not just any court case, this is… #FreeCuthbert” -Aldi.

M&S didn’t reply to any tweets, but Aldi continued…


And if you haven’t spotted the latest yet… you are welcome.


Specsavers Euro 2020

 Although it didn’t come home… it came to our best brand campaigns!

Specsavers celebrated England’s progress in this year’s Euros with an ‘It’s coming home’ campaign with a mimic of an eyechart found in branches of the opticians created by Tangerine Communications, very clever.

Many more campaigns caught our eye – like Dove’s ‘Reverse Selfie’, which, in April got the internet talking about the negative effect beauty filters can have on young women and girls’ self-esteem. Or, we also spotted McDonald’s ‘Happy Halloween’ and Father’s Day clever use of visuals.


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