Broaden your B2B horizons

Marketers hear ‘B2B’ and default to LinkedIn as their primary focus for their next paid campaign – and while the decision to incorporate LinkedIn is wise, it’s also important to broaden the horizon and look to other platforms to increase brand awareness. By siphoning off some of the ad budget to other platforms, that money can go a lot further.

Sure, you won’t be able to find Tony XX, who is MD of blah-blah company via specific targeting on the likes of twitter and Facebook, but chances are he’ll have some form of info on his job in his bio – so there’s still a strong possibility an ad campaign will target him.

It’s also worth remembering that both twitter (300 million) and Facebook (2.9 billion) have massive audiences – and while LinkedIn may now have a larger audience than the former, there is a huge pool of untapped potential across these platforms. While the vast majority of users may not directly engage with a B2B campaign – brand awareness can offer a benefit in the long run.

As mentioned above, LinkedIn’s targeting is stellar for B2B – but £1,000 there will go much further on the other two platforms. CPC and reach are usually substantially better on twitter and Facebook purely due to the audience size being much bigger by default. Will they return a lead? Perhaps it’s less likely, but according to a recent study by Oktopost, Twitter users spend 26% more time viewing ads on the platform than on any other social media platform. What’s more, two out of three B2B marketers find Twitter the most effective social platform to help their business achieve specific objectives.

As for Facebook, HubSpot released research last year that shows 74% of people use Facebook for professional purposes – with 46% of B2B marketers using it too.

So when setting up your next campaign, don’t get bogged down on the detail on LinkedIn – be sure to tap in on other platforms too – your audience is waiting.

If you’d like more information on how to set up a paid campaign across all 3 main platforms, contact us today.

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