Brown overtakes Cameron online thanks to his weapon of mass seduction!

What? For the first time in a week, search demand for Gordon Brown has crept above David Cameron:

Not since the 22nd March, when Gordon trumped Cameron’s baby with his super fast broadband and Institute of Web Science announcement has there been such a result for Labour online. When this happened last time, the Tories bought up the traffic using ‘Gordon Brown’ Adword banners. The reason? Well Google Insights suggests that the related search terms for both candidates are now very different. With many supporting related terms such as ‘Samantha Cameron’ and ‘David Cameron Wiki’, it seems like Cameron story online is multifaceted:

However, if you drag down to the Brown pull down you will notice that results are currently reliant on one very powerful related term – ‘Tony Blair’. So how powerful is Tony Blair online? Well even though he has been out of office for years he still generates more interest than Nick Clegg in total:

As with any campaign or brand becoming tied too closely to a celebrity the risk is high. On the other hand, if the increased interest is enough to make the Tories rethink their online campaign it might be worth it…

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