The Budweiser Buddy Cup, bringing Facebook to your night out


Have you ever wondered how to merge the physical and digital worlds together? Mega-brewer Budweiser has figured it out and is doing just that. Budweiser Brazil is testing a new and innovative beer glass referred to as the “Buddy Cup”, which is integrated with Facebook via a microchip embedded at the bottom of the glass.

The concept will bring a whole new meaning to the clinking of glasses. When two glasses touch, the cupbearers instantly become Facebook friends! Facebook is the most popular social media platform among Budweiser fans and this new concept will allow users the opportunity to integrate their in-bar experience with their social media profile.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works:

  • On the bottom of each cup is a QR code and drinkers must connect the cup with their Facebook accounts by taking a picture of the chip using the Budweiser Smartphone app.
  • Once that is all set up the chip at the bottom of the glass, or “bump sensor”, will automatically send a Facebook friend request to the person you bump glasses with, making it a lot easier to meet people and exchange information. Nobody likes to waste time on a night out trying to take down someone’s details, and there’s no guarantee that you will remember them all in the morning.

The Buddy Cup is to be tested and used at major public events such as concerts and festivals to see how people take to it. But with the Buddy Cup offering the chance to eliminate awkward social moments when meeting new people on a night out, it is bound to be a hit!


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