Build a chatbot that counts


Chatbots are gradually climbing the ladder of popularity, providing brands with huge potential. Wondering what chatbots can do? Brands have the opportunity to have millions of simultaneous one-on-one conversations with fans without damaging the user experience.

The masters of storytelling, Disney, Universal and Lionsgate are all proof that content and narrative can be easily incorporated and adapted to create the conversational bots. If you’re a brand or marketer looking into the potential of chatbots, here’s four reasons why you should consider it.

Talk with a purpose

Chatbots open the door to exciting opportunities, but they are only effective when your goal and objectives are clear. When brainstorming ideas, also consider the how, why and what. How will your audience benefit? Why would they engage with the Chatbot? What will they get out of it? Once you’ve cracked it, stay true to your brand message and you’ll soon be creating memorable experiences that increase brand awareness.

Being human

Over the years, marketers have consistently told us to humanise our brands and create a personality that resonates with the target audience. Chatbots are the answer! Your chatbots need a personality, name and feel somewhat human. The idea isn’t to trick your customers, but make them feel like they are interacting with your brand on a personal level. If done correctly, your chatbot can feel like the friend in the know and help boost your brand.

One-on-one conversations

Building a long-lasting relationship between the brand and customer is all we really want. Its big step, but chatbots that are loaded with advanced natural language processing (NLP) can really engage with the user in a friendly personal way. The user is more likely to re-engage and spark conversations in the future.

Launch in style

Launching your chatbot can be very excited and also rewarding once it’s in action. Before kick starting your brand voice, make sure to consider the best approach to promoting your bot. Marketers take different routes to marketing including emails, social media, website pop-ups and advertising. You can include the chatbot within the customer journey to sale, offering users exclusive offer via the chatbot only. Once you have a plan, switch the green light on and watch the magic happen!

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