Today’s connected world means that brands are positioned front and centre of their audiences and competitors alike. With so many platforms and channels at their disposal, it’s often difficult to know which one to leverage in order to garner customer loyalty and engender trust. Here’s where social media can help.

For brands that operate in controversial sectors like pharmaceuticals, credit-repair and insurance, being accessible to people online may be the difference between losing and retaining customers. Often, these types of companies get very few opportunities to interact with prospects and, given the nature, of their business, these can often be negative.

Social media gives brands the chance to get a bit of insight into the company and the people behind the name. This goes a long way in humanising an otherwise faceless operation and can ultimately change perceptions. The ultimate win for brands in this space is to change negative customers into brand amplifiers.

By employing the following three simple tactics, brands will be able to control their image and voice thereby building brand trust:

  • Post authentic content – not pieces that are written and then need to go through five or six sign-offs before they are shared. In order to get cut-through on noisy social channels, brands need to be original.
  • Engage with followers directly – activities like responding directly to followers, joining conversations and liking other profiles means that you are engaged and want to participate.
  • Video – Livestreamed video, via Facebook Live or Periscope (for Twitter), has shown to boost engagement significantly. This ensures brands are put in front of their audiences in the most authentic way.

If you aren’t on social as a brand, there’s no time like the present to get going!



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