Cadburys show that Google+ is worth a go

Google+ has been rifled with issues and skepticism since it began. The social platform has been criticised for its lack of activity and for being too small to be taken as a viable social media platform for brand use. Moreover brands have not always been sure about best practice marketing strategies on Google+. However last week Cadbury’s proved that Google+ can be used by brands to get rich engagement for brands just like Facebook and Twitter with their new Dairy Milk Bubbly.


Since developing its Google+ page Cadbury has been one of the few brands that have been able to utilise and dominate Google+. By capitalising on positive response from announcing the original Dairy Milk Bubbly on Google+ in January, and then building a Google+ page out of chocolate in March, the company last week revealed the secret flavour of its new bar to its over 2.5m fans on Google+.


By optimising the Google+ Hangout On-Air feature, nine fans got the chance to sample the flavour. It also streamed the event live on its YouTube channel.

Brands can particularly take note of Cadbury’s use of Google Hangouts as they have shown that it is a great way of directly connecting with fans as well as creating shareable content that has a massive reach.

Whilst people have been slow to migrate to Google+, Google has claimed that it now has 100 million active monthly users ( So now more than ever may be the time for brands to start investing and utilising Google+ as a platform for social engagement rather than just lavishing attention on Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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