Can Twitter become brands’ new favourite platform?


It’s been quiet at the water cooler recently, what with having to wait FOREVER for GoT to return. But, even if you’re not a business, the recent Facebook news means Zuckerberg’s plans have got everybody talking. January as a slow news month? Not anymore.

Facebook’s long shadow means other platforms are easily put in the shade. Snapchat’s reshuffle and design rejig hasn’t left many feeling inspired, and Instagram’s influencer chasing and the ‘withholding likes’ debate is an auspicious start to 2018.

What about Twitter? Well, as one IF staffer said, ‘It’s a shame that Twitter’s all about Trump”. Dig deeper though, and it could be an opportunity for the platform to take advantage of the big change.

After Facebook said it would limit the amount of news you would see, Twitter shares went up by 5%, and poses the question, is it a ripe opportunity to sell more advertising? as it’s traditionally trailed Facebook and Google.

What popped up in feed today? A timely piece from Twitter business: 7 articles to help you craft the perfect Twitter Video Strategy. Kind of resonates with Facebook’s heavy leaning towards video/moving content. Although, if they’d trawled their own platform, they’d know from research that Top 10 lists are a bigger winner.

Twitter’s COO has even gone on record to say that ‘streaming devices like Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast will go extinct in 5 years’. Twitter’s live streaming with key partners, accompanied with live commentary in the form of user-generated tweets, could bump them up as the brands’ choice of content platform.

Failing a monumental Zuckerberg/technical failure, FB will indefinitely continue to rule the roost, but with the occasional change, other platforms could share a little bit more of the social light.

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