Can you stand the heat?

By if-admin | July 25, 2019

The UK and most of Europe is currently experiencing a heatwave – as I write, the temperature in London is set to reach 38º Celcius…  scorchio!

So how are you planning to deal with this? Hire some air-con? Hibernate in the Ice Bar or, to be fair, any bar that has air-con, with a nice cold beer? Or are you blessed with a pool or live near the beach? It takes some thinking about how to work in the heat – so have you considered how your brand works when consumers experience changes in temperature or seasons?

It’s easy to fall into “samey” content traps when there are changes in the weather – but you don’t need to be clever with copy necessarily, simply ensure the most appropriate content is scheduled to run and your campaigns can flex when the need arises. Consider creating some back-up content which may be useful with some small edits when the heat rises, or the snow falls!

Recent research reveals that most (72%) consumers are loyal to a very small set of brands, however, an even higher percentage (86%) are open to switching brands – particularly if that brand is relevant to them by reflecting who they are and what they need at that moment.

If you’re struggling to find ways to include relevant content – make sure you consider Stories! When it comes to Instagram, this is the fastest-growing format – and if you’re considering Facebook or Instagram advertising, remember that the Newsfeed is pretty much sold-out most of the time. So, Stories is a great bet to reach that new audience who are open to switching brands. Perhaps using filters will resonate with your younger audiences? Is there an influencer you can work with to build your brand story? And don’t forget about adding thematic Stories Highlights to your Instagram profile so new users can still access and enjoy all your content.

If you’re wondering how we work with the seasons and stay relevant for our clients, contact us, or visit us in our air-conditioned office near the beautiful River Thames in Kingston!

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