The art of storytelling has now become the norm on social media, with the everyday person sharing visually stunning photos and videos in an innovative way.

Snapchat was the first to kick off the trend with its new stories feature and Facebook enabled users to interact with live streams. Twitter soon followed with Moments, which hasn’t gained much traction but we should watch this space!

Instagram is now introducing a new way of telling stories, giving users the opportunity to share up to ten photos and videos in a single post! Great news, you no longer have to sum up your life changing moment in one caption.


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The new feature will appear as a slideshow, so your friends and followers can swipe through if they want to view it all. The possibilities are endless! Whether you’re summing up your day, sharing your holiday snaps or educating the public; Instagram makes it easy to share and view.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s a step-by-step guide to sharing your life changing moment!

  1. Click to upload button and select the new icon to upload multiple photos and videos
  2. Edit your post with filters, resizing etc. Instagram now enables you to edit all at once or one photo at a time. Get creative!
  3. Rearrange your selection to tell your story in a powerful way
  4. Add captions, location tags and invite your friends to comment
  5. The blue dots will let your fans know there’s more to see!
  6. Save to your camera roll and then upload to your profile using the new icon
  7. Sit back and enjoy!

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