Online content creation typically falls to the marketing division of a business. Look beyond the four walls of communications, however, and therein lies a treasure trove of ideas.


From customer services to sales, each function is filled with insights into every corner of the business. Whether it’s the questions on the tip of customers’ tongues, or the biggest barriers to purchase, those insights form the basis of a solid content plan that can break down communications silos and tie directly back to business objectives. We’ve taken a look at three divisions rich with content for the picking:

1) Customer services

The customer services team has the most intimate insight into a business’s customer base. They hear the questions, concerns, aggravations and praise for products and services every single day. A coffee with the team will quickly help to identify the most useful tips and advice to base content themes around.

2) Sales

More than any other stakeholders, the sales team have a clear picture of the biggest barriers to purchase. They know the features and benefits that get customers on board and they know the bottlenecks that prevent deals from being closed. It is well worth sitting down with the team to identify the messaging that should be brought to the fore in content.

3) Human resources

While content is largely designed to attract new customers, it is equally visible to employees and prospective employees, who are arguably the most important asset of a business. The human resources team know which aspects of a business have the biggest appeal to candidates and the biggest impact on staff retention. Getting a handle on this information can again help to ensure content captures the most impactful messaging.

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