The presence of AI on social media is hard to escape. However, despite the growing prevalence of AI in the social media landscape, there remain significant challenges surrounding AI’s safety, security, and privacy aspects.

In our journey towards embracing AI in social media, it’s important to keep an eye on the potential hazards and proactively implement measures to protect your brand.

What is AI in social media?

In social media, AI is typically used to save users time and increase productivity in tasks and services carried out with regard to social media management.

AI tools can be used for a wide range of tasks, such as:

  • Writing and generating new posts or post ideas
  • Creating images and video (watch out for the 6 finger humans)
  • Publishing and scheduling posts
  • Customer service and community management
  • Analysing user behaviour
  • Generally saving time with team resource

Challenges of AI for social media

Every technological revolution has its quirks and potential pitfalls. And AI on social media is no exception. Here are a few aspects to mull over before taking the plunge:

Misinformation: With great power comes the potential for mischief. AI’s capacity to generate content raises the chance of misleading information. While AI is often precise, it can also make up its own facts, figures, and falsehoods.

Compliance: AI’s tango with social media is still fresh, and for many, the jury is out on the when, where, and how of its acceptable usage.

Data Privacy: AI’s algorithms are fuelled by data, which can sometimes pose a risk to data security and personal information of customers.

Bias: Although it can do a lot of cool stuff, AI just doesn’t have the human touch. So it isn’t always able to read text or inputs from a truly objective view, as it can only generate a response based on the input it receives. If the AI is unable to decipher that the input contains an opinion or is a thought piece, it may throw back a more biased response.

In conclusion

There are a lot of pros when it comes to AI, especially with regard to automation. But there are still some grey areas when it comes to risk of brand and safety.

But also… will AI eventually take over our jobs? Well, AI doesn’t have the human touch still. So we may be safe for a while.

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