Are all rights reserved? Your bite size checklist to copyright laws


Copying and sharing information online has never been easier but a simple retweet can gain you a lot more attention than you bargained for, and not necessarily of the good variety. Copyright regulations have evolved to keep up with advances in technology and the use of the Internet. For instance, Creative Commons Licences were founded so that creators of original content could determine how their work should be used.

If you would like to use material sourced online but are unsure of the rights attached to it, then use this bite size checklist for a better approach to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Ask yourself:

  • Are you sure that the use of images, videos and audio files have been approved for use by the original copyright holder? 


  • Are you sure that the trademarks have been properly acknowledged on all your marketing collateral?


  • Are you sure that all staff understand what material can and cannot be used as part of the social media strategy?


  • Are you sure that all marketing collateral is protected by contracts that detail how said material can and cannot be used in social media?


  • Are you sure of what to do should an alleged copyright infringement against your company escalate?

Using this quick checklist will help to keep a close eye on the content that is being used and shared under your brand. Also, take care that your company Terms and Conditions leave no room for confusion when it comes to the use of any material sourced from outside the business. This will safeguard the company against copyright infringement, but beware of the law of confidence which pertains to the right to privacy. Before approving the use of sourced images, videos or any other type of content by your company on social media networks, remember to ask, are you sure?

Our best practice guide on social media and the law is full of great tips and checklists like this one. Use it to get a better understanding of litigation and how to react when things heat up.

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