Live brand social: a melting pot of creative marketing


There’s a reason that people like chilli and chocolate and it’s really simple: opposites attract. Alone, these ingredients are delicious but in very different ways. Combined (despite the initial reaction that you’re preparing a culinary disaster) the result is surprisingly satisfying.

It’s not so different in brand marketing. You can take two seemingly standalone activities and combine them to create a new, more interesting approach to engage with your customers. Social media and live brand experiences, for instance. We asked ourselves, what if you could engage with your audience in real life and then influence them to share content on their social media profiles?

It could be a one-off PR stunt or it could be a pop-up shop touring different cities. No matter what, the truth is that live brand social experiences can encourage conversations surrounding your brand. It might be in the form of user-generated content like photos and videos, or it might be something that the brand controls, like an interview with participants. Either way, you can extend the reach of your brand by encouraging and promoting live content, particularly as so many UK residents use smartphones every day to share content on social media channels.

Others have noted the impact that can be had from “increasing collaboration and convergence between industries” that might otherwise seem worlds apart, but immediate future and brand experience agency Electrify, conducted a UK-wide survey. Our report into the use of social media in real life can offer original insights and independent research to support your brand’s marketing strategy as it evolves. Keep an eye out for the full report findings because, like the first time that you try chilli and chocolate, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Our full report is available to download on Tuesday 14th May with more facts and great tips to help you tailor your own live brand social experiences to your target audience. We’d love your feedback, or you could share your thoughts on live brand social with us by leaving a comment.

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