Choosing and using the right tool from the social media toolbox

As the space of social media continues to grow, so does the general confusion regarding the best ways to proceed with appropriate content marketing strategy. Where do you start? PCMag have published an infographic that provides a useful overview of popular social media platforms. The figures are thought-provoking and help make a couple of conclusions.

1. Avoid a one-size-fits-all approach
Platforms differ. Choosing a social media platform is not like buying an ice cream – “Shall I get a vanilla or chocolate one?” Rather, it is more like choosing an appropriate tool to fix your bike. Hammer may be your favourite tool, but when it comes to adjusting the tension in the spokes please use a spoke wrench.

Similarly, the infographic helpfully shows that social media platforms are tools to be used for a specific purpose. Use a good tool for the wrong reason, and the result is disastrous. LinkedIn is a powerful B2B lead generator, Google+ empowers SEO efforts, Pinterest is a great visual tool.

2. Plan well
Choosing the right platform is merely the second step in developing a social media strategy that works. The first step is to determine the main goal of the activity and understand the audience it targets.

A goal defines the whole purpose of the social media efforts. Make sure it is tangible, measurable and realistic. Clicks? Leads? Impressions? Visits? Downloads? Furthermore, having a good understanding of the target audience makes the choice of the platform much easier and will deliver results. In a nutshell, who are you targeting, how and why?

3. Measure accordingly
Time is a valuable asset. Ask any business leader and they will tell you there’s never enough of it. Advanced, regular and in-depth analysis enable organisations optimise their content marketing efforts and therefore allocate time to activities that bear most fruit. Analytics matter. Optimise. Avoid wasting time. Achieve your goals.


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