Have you considered making Facebook Groups part of your Facebook marketing strategy? Recent research from Facebook has shown that Groups are seeing more engagement than pages. Groups allow you to start conversations in a way that feels more private, and everyone that joins the Group is likely to have similar interests. It does take time to maintain and develop a Group, arguably more than a regular page would, but if used properly, it could really benefit and add value to your brand or business.

It goes without saying that Groups are another way for your audience to connect with your brand, and converse with other customers, ultimately growing your brand community. You can also use Groups to build a sense of exclusivity, for example, launching a Group for people who have bought a specific product. If people are regularly active in your Group, your posts will feature higher on their newsfeed, so you could use said posts to essentially bypass Facebook’s algorithm.

So, how do you use and maintain Facebook Groups effectively? Filling in all the necessary information is essential, particularly if you’re a brand or business. You can set group rules like ‘no spam’ or ‘no hate speech’, to refine the conversations that are happening. You’ll need to post consistently to ensure you’ve got conversation starters and keep your members engaged. Make sure you’ve got community management in place to encourage further engagement; this is of even higher importance within a Group. Make sure you avoid self-promotion where your brand or products are concerned; see Groups as more of a forum for people to converse with similar interests. Try posting about features and benefits of a product, rather than simply pushing a sale. Finally, and arguably the most important of all, make sure you’re posting exclusive content that differs from what you’re posting on your regular page. This could consist of offers, member only downloads or live filming sessions.

Facebook has noted that more than a million users are engaging in conversations within Groups on a monthly basis. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

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