Create impactful content on TikTok

TikTok is an entertainment platform powered by communities that drive culture and commerce. 

This platform’s mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime entertainment force that is changing the way content and media are created and discovered from a creative perspective. 

It’s no wonder that 66% of users find advertising on TikTok to be unique or different from competitors and that 74% believe the best brands on TikTok feel like they have a bit of personality. 

With that said, what do you need to create impactful content on TikTok?


CommunityToks encourage meaningful connections among users and brands alike. 

BookTok/CleanTok/FoodTok has been praised for renewing interest and reading, especially among Gen Z and younger millennials.

How do we find and build communities? 

Seek relevant communities to engage with consumers to connect with new and existing audiences more authentically. On this platform, you can find your CommunityTok and become a community member.


TikTok is an entertainment app and it’s always sound on!

73% of users would stop and look at a sound on TikTok and 80% of users agreed that sound is vital to the TikTok experience. 


Co-creating is simply a platform norm. TikTok makes it easy for users, creators, and brands alike to engage with their communities, participate in trends and invite real collaboration. TikTok truly is the only platform where brands, people, and community come together to co-create and co-experience. 

Co-creation tools are duet, stitch and reply w/ video. 


TikTok is based on content graphs and your experience is driven by the content you watch, like, comment, share, and download.

Your “for you page” is personalised to the content you enjoy watching, presenting an endless feed of personalised content for every member.

Understanding these core values will give you everything you need to concept and create powerful content and inspire you to evolve your advertising campaigns for this new era of modern creativity.

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