Creative Inspiration for Social Marketing


We’ve all been there – you know you want to do something different with your next Facebook post or ad, but you don’t know where to start. Here are three resources that I turn to again and again:


Facebook Inspiration Gallery and Creative Hub

Your first port of call should be Facebook’s own Inspiration Gallery. Here you can check out all the different ad formats available to you and look at Facebook’s chosen case studies. The resource and examples can be viewed on both desktop and mobile, and are a great way to get inspiration for your next campaign.

The Creative Hub should be one of your stops before showcasing your new creation to the world – you can create mock-ups of loads of different ad formats, view them on your mobile and share them with others to get approval.

If you tick the right options, you can even import your approved mock up directly into Facebook Ads Manager without having to recreate it.


Facebook Advertising UK (Facebook Group)

Run by the Facebook ad sales team themselves, this Facebook Group is an invaluable resource of Facebook’s news and announcements as they happen.

Want all the news from F8 that affects advertising? You’ll find it there. Interested in reading about new case studies? They’ll be there too!

The group is closed, so you’ll have to request permission to join, but the admins are on it often so there shouldn’t be a delay.

It’s worth noting that whilst the group is administered by Facebook, it isn’t a customer service channel, and you won’t get help from the sales team or technical support there. You still have to go through the usual channels for that.

Canvas examples (Facebook Group)

One of things that has frustrated me in the past is how difficult it can be to see examples of some ad formats – if you’re not served them you’ll never see them, and that means you could be missing out on a whole world of inspiration and creativity – the Canvas Examples Facebook Group helps to quench my thirst for inspiration. Another closed Group administered by Facebook, the actual content is peer-sourced, with members of its 48k strong community sharing examples of Facebook Canvases they’ve been served and they liked. As the community is international, you’ll see ads from all over the globe, and they won’t be shared with a hidden agenda (e.g. just because they had big budgets behind them or they were created by a big brand).

It’s not only Canvases that get shared – this is also the place to see Collections, a format none of us get served very often at the moment.

As the group is peer-to-peer you can also ask any questions you’ve got, no matter how trivial you think they are, even if they’re not Canvas related. The sheer size of the group means there’s likely someone who knows the answer!


What resources do you visit when you’re in need of some inspiration? We’d love to hear.

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